Set Designer - Aileen Kelly
Writer - Pauline Heath
Director - Vici Wreford-Sinnott
Produced by - Little Cog
ARC Stockton
October 2018

Occupation by Pauline Heath is a new play produced by Little Cog Theatre Company in association with ARC Stockton. It is a brand new play looking at the real experiences of disabled people and their families in modern Britain. It's powerful and hard hitting content is matched by the humour and satire that writer Pauline sees in the world around us. The piece reveals human stories in the most adverse circumstances.

At the heart of a day celebrating the Spirit of Teesside, Occupation shares the real life experiences of disabled people near you and celebrates people coming together, in spite of everything.

In a world of sanctions, forced treatment, and divided communities, people are being pushed to the edge.

An ex-soldier, a lost youth, a professional and a parent take their places around a monument at a disability rally, and shine a light on how austerity has affected disabled people and their families and what it means for generations to come. They are being pushed onto the streets to make their voices heard. ‘Human rights’ are ridiculed and people who would never before have dreamed of attending a protest are now gathering to speak out.