The Rink
Set and Costume Designer - Aileen Kelly
Director - Nick Bagnall
The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

Originally an American musical, set in a roller rink during the 1970’s. The Rink tells a story of a mother and daughters relationship. Through a series of flashbacks and revelations the two eventually deal with their pasts, reconcile and move forward with their lives.

This production saw The Rink transferred into a social club, set in the North East of England. It focusses on the importance of the 1970’s. Playing on the musical genre, a live house band made up of actors, creates the music on the stage of the social club. The club creates the backstory to the characters lives, making a relatable story. The flashbacks show the glitz and glam of what the club once had, yet these are exaggerated just like our childhood memories often are.